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  Explore Lincoln County New Mexico History and the legend of Billy the Kid!

Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War

Shown below are various photos from Lincoln County. We hope you enjoy viewing them.

Tunstall Store step back in time in this great museum

The Dolan Store with Carrie Dolan as the little girl in the lower left.

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid also known as Henry McCarty, William Antrim or William H. Bonney.

"Billy the Kid was no outlaw or gangster.  When he saw the man who had befriended him shot down in cold blood, his horse also killed, and the victim's overcoat rolled up to form a pillow placed under the head of both the murdered man and his horse, then to see the murderers gallop away laughing and yelling, he swore he would kill every one of them.  He got them all but two, When he was killed at twenty-one, he had 21 notches on his gun."

Excerpted from the Frances Walters Baca Story by Bess Walters, Lincoln County Tells Its Stories 

Study the participants of the Lincoln County War

Alexander McSween

The House Murphy Dolan and Ryan

Sheriff William Brady with friends

Dolan and Ollinger
James Dolan and Bob Olinger
John Tunstall of the Tunstall Store

John Tunstall

L.G. Murphy of the Murphy Dolan Store

L.G. Murphy

Governor Lew Wallace

Governor Lew Wallace (also author of Ben Hur)

Sheriff Pat Garrett

Pat Garrett

Susan wife of Alexander McSween

Susan McSween

Bloodiest street in America

The main street in Lincoln, "the bloodiest street in America".